Welcome at Forêt Expert

Forêt Expert?s mission is to promote the growth of our forests using the highest standard workmanship in order to ensure sustainable development.

We aim to influence and support our growing forest industry. In addition we offer our clients first-class quality of work for years to come. Whether for the private or public domain, we offer excellent quality service in close collaboration with our partners in order to meet and exceed their expectations.

Operating in various regions of Quebec in the Boreal forest, Forêt Expert has successfully dealt with a wide range of challenges.

We know how important the forest is for capturing and fixing the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2). Tree planting plays an important role in removing CO2 from the atmosphere, as each tree planted enables CO2 fixation throughout its growth cycle.

Did you know that one hectare of land reforested with 2000 trees absorbs four tonnes of CO2 per year? This is equivalent to the emissions from a car being driven 16,000 km per year! (Source UQAC). This is the average number of trees planted by each tree planter every day.

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